Ana Medina

Ultimate Geek

Software Engineer at Uber

At age 13 Ana Medina started coding and now, at 24, is a Software Engineer in San Francisco. She last worked on Uber’s Developer Platform. Prior to this project she worked on SRE and Infrastructure, specifically on Chaos Engineering and Cloud Computing. Before joining Uber she worked at Google, Quicken Loans, a local credit union, a startup, done college research and been doing freelance since 2008. 

Her story began in the foreign countries of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, followed by her tech development process which took place in Miami, to her current success in ‘Silicon Valley’ display how achievements have been a result to her consistent characteristics such as passion, dedication, and fearless execution. She is seen as a success story to not only the hispanic and latino community, but as well as the ever growing community of women in tech. Ana is a role model to the next generation of engineers.

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